Darphin Facial Treatments

Aberdeen's No.1 Beauty SPA for Deluxe Darphin Facials

It is often said that a Darphin Skin Therapist has magic fingers. Each Skin Therapist is extensively trained in modelling and heritage application techniques, which require mastering each hand position, type of pressure, and rhythm. A Darphin treatment is for someone who has a keen sense of luxury and pleasure, combined with visible results.

Ideal Renewing Facial

A perfecting treatment that corrects ageing and imperfections

This renewing treatment will smooth lines and plump the skin. Rediscover the days of polished and brightened skin to reveal a smooth texture complextion.

Duration: 45 mins / 75 mins / 105 mins
Price: £40 / £75 / £95

Divine 8 Flower Nectar Lifting Facial

A lifting treatment that firms and tones mature skin

This deeply nourishing anti-ageing treatment will lift, firm and tone your skin as well as help to reduce redness, age spots and the appearance of wrinkles for a rejuvenated complextion.

Duration: 45 mins / 75 mins / 105 mins
Price: £45 / £80 / £110

Deep Soothing Facial

A calming treatment that soothes sensitive skin

This calming cocooning facial for sensitive skin will reduce skin redness to reveal a smooth, even-toned complexion

Duration: 45 mins / 75 mins / 105 mins
Price: £35 / £65 / £90

Instant Illuminating Facial

An energising treatment that treats tired skin

Delivers a high-powered boost of energy to increase the skin's natural vitality, targeting dull and tired skin. An intense infusion of nourishing vitamins and essential oils will protect and energise to reveal a radiant glow.

Duration: 45 mins / 75 mins / 105 mins
Price: £35 / £65 / £90

Intense Hydrating Facial

An intensively hydrating & nourishing treatment that quenches your skin's thirst.

This intensive hydrating and nourishing facial will provide a dewy-fresh, radiant complexion and deeply nourishes a dry, uncomfortable skin. Instantly replenishes and reveals a smoothed and nourished complexion.

Duration: 45 mins / 75 mins / 105 mins
Price: £35 / £65 / £90

Pure Balancing Facial

A deep cleansing treatment that refreshes oily/combination skin

This purifying and detoxifying treatment for oily/combination skin will refine pores and leave the completion refreshed, sparkling, clean, clear and bright.

Duration: 45 mins / 75 mins / 105 mins
Price: £35 / £65 / £90

Darphin Special Relaxing Facial

Choose any Darphin Essential or Age Expert Facial and enjoy a 15 minute back massage

Duration: 90 mins

Price: £75